According to Carlock, Balletto’s personnel file lists “landing

WASHINGTON Former senator Dan Coats promised Tuesday to help members of the Senate Intelligence Committee investigate Russia’s attempt to influence the presidential election if he’s confirmed to be President Trump’s director of national intelligence.Coats, 73, was widely and effusively praised by his former colleagues, as he joked that it was far different being in the witness seat than alongside members of the committee on which he previously served.But while several senators said Trump couldn’t have made a better choice canadagoosessale Canada Goose Sale, Sen. Angus King, I Maine, said his one concern is that Coats might be too nice for the job.”I’m not sure likeability and affability are the qualities I want in this position,” King said. “I want somebody who is crusty and mean and tough because you’re riding herd on 17 agencies that will always want to be going in different directions, and you’re going to be reporting to a president who may or may not want to hear what you have to say.”Sen.

Canada Goose Vests The United States Marine Corps’ Office of Public Affairs also confirmed Friday that Balletto is a former Marine. In an email to the Times Standard, Yvonne Carlock said Balletto entered the Marine Corps Reserves in January 2002 and was transferred to “Individual Ready Reserve” status in January 2008. According to Carlock, Balletto’s personnel file lists “landing support specialist” as his occupational specialty, noting he rose to the rank of corporal and received an Armed Forces Reserve Medal in connection with a mobilization and a National Defense Services Medal a medal given to any member of the United States Armed Forces who served honorably during a national emergency declaration in his time with the Marine Corps. Canada Goose Vests

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