Black millennials had doubts about Clinton early in the

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping When 95% of the fans in the stands know what’s wrong, it’s time to act on it. We’ve all been pulling our hair out for years. I gave up my four 40 year Club Level seats because of it. The best way I can use my platform is to support Secretary Clinton. Black millennials had doubts about Clinton early in the campaign because of a 1996 speech in which she referred to young in the black community. She has since apologized for the remark.In a heated moment on the campaign trail in April, Philadelphia activist Erica Mines confronted former President Bill Clinton about his support for welfare reform that activists say punished poor people and a crime bill that put many blacks behind bars.Mines said she plans to vote for an independent next not believe she is someone who can be trusted, Mines said of Clinton Cheap Jerseys free shipping.