Don know what happed I do, you gave them 5 yards everytime

Emlyn Hughes spoke of being unable to breathe through his in the later stages of Liverpool’s FA Cup final against Arsenal in 1971. And it was hard not to feel your own lungs tightening at the sight of the Dumbo collared affair Allan Clarke was wearing during some film of Leeds United having breakfast. (The collars had to be huge to get over the enormity of his tie, on which you could have sought planning permission for a car park.).

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LINE: BENGALS by 10 Bengals are good, there is little doubting that. But they aren spot and cover double digits in consecutive games good. They have had 11 days between starts as they hear about how great they are. Sure werent generating anything. I dont think there was a minute in the game that we wanted. It was pretty embarrassing to play like that.

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