Faculty and Staff 2017-18


Fr. Chad Partain Pastor
Sr. Nina Vincent Principal — [email protected]
Mr. Clayton Cobb DRE/Dean of Discipline — [email protected]
Mrs. Liz Hines Curriculum/Development — [email protected]
Mrs. Gail Callahan PK-3 — [email protected]
Mrs. Sarah Mealer PK-3 Aide
Mrs. Jenny Jeanise PK-4A — [email protected]
Ms. Katie Mitchell Aide/Extended Day
Sr. Pori Murmu PK-4 Aide
Mrs. Ashley Meadows PK-4B — [email protected]
Mrs. Kristin Jordan KA — [email protected]
Mrs. Missy Foster K Aide
Ms. Lucie Barker 1A — [email protected]
Mrs. Kim Swart 1B — [email protected]
Sr. Elizabeth Ann Holmes 2A — [email protected]
Mrs. Laura Price 2B — [email protected]
Ms. Linsey Edwards 3A — [email protected]
Mrs. Lindsay Arabie 3B — [email protected]
Mrs. Serena Hurley 4A — [email protected]
Ms. Christine Gormsen 4B — [email protected]
Mrs. Liz Cohen 5 — [email protected]
Mr. Joseph Wiederholt 6A 6-7 ELA, Religion — [email protected]
Mrs. Shirley Stickell 6B 6-7 Math & Science — [email protected]
Mrs. Shana Brundrett 7 6-7 Religion & S.S. — [email protected]
Ms. Ashley DeVille Structured Room — [email protected]
Mrs. Jeulahn McNeal Structured Room Aide
Ms. Italy Coffman Learning Center [email protected]
Ms. Caroline Randall 5th Grade English, Art — [email protected]
Mrs. Meagan Clark Computer — [email protected]
Mr. Jim Schneider P.E. — [email protected]
Mrs. Kelly Lombardi Music — [email protected]
Mrs. Laura Ogaard Librarian — [email protected]
Mr. Frank Bowling Greeter
Mrs. Dina Gauthier Secretary — [email protected]
Mrs. Emily Ann McCullough Receptionist — [email protected]
Mr. Fritz Garganta Custodian
Mr. Leland McCullough Facilities Manager
Mrs. Mary Clark Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Shirley Pearson Cafeteria
Mrs. Sheryl Johnson Cafeteria
Ms. Addie Marcellus Cafeteria
Mrs. Morgan McCullough Extended Day Director
Officer Darrell Poole Resource Officer