Faculty and Staff 2018-19


Fr. Chad Partain Pastor
Sr. Nina Vincent Principal — [email protected]
Mr. Clayton Cobb DRE/Dean of Discipline — [email protected]
Mrs. Liz Hines Curriculum/Development — [email protected]
Mrs. Gail Callahan PK-3 — [email protected]
Mrs. Sarah Mealer PK-3 Aide
Mrs. Jenny Jeanise PK-4A — [email protected]
Ms. Katie Mitchell Aide/Extended Day
Sr. Pori Murmu PK-4 Aide
Mrs. Ashley Meadows PK-4B — [email protected]
Mrs. Kristin Jordan KA — [email protected]
Mrs. Missy Foster K Aide –[email protected]
Mrs. Kim Swart 1A — [email protected]

Mrs. Laura Price 2A — [email protected]
Sr. Elizabeth Ann Holmes 2B — [email protected]

Ms. Linsey Edwards 3A — [email protected]
Mrs. Lindsay Arabie 3B — [email protected]
Mrs. Morgan McCullough — 4A — [email protected]

Mrs. Sis Spurgeon 4B –[email protected]

Mr. Joseph Wiederholt 6A 6-7 ELA, Religion — [email protected]
Mrs. Shirley Stickell 6B 6-7 Math & Science — [email protected]
Mrs. Shana Brundrett Art — [email protected]
Ms. Ashley DeVille Structured Room — [email protected]
Mrs. Jeulahn McNeal Structured Room Aide
Ms. Italy Coffman Learning Center [email protected]

Mrs. Meagan Clark Computer — [email protected]com
Mr. Jim Schneider P.E. — [email protected]

Mrs. Laura Ogaard Librarian — [email protected]
Mr. Frank Bowling Greeter
Mrs. Dina Gauthier Secretary — [email protected]
Mrs. Emily Ann McCullough Receptionist — [email protected]
Mr. Fritz Garganta Custodian
Mr. Leland McCullough Facilities Manager
Mrs. Mary Clark Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Shirley Pearson Cafeteria
Mrs. Sheryl Johnson Cafeteria
Ms. Addie Marcellus Cafeteria