He and my husband put the scooter in his truck and he brought

Marylou (Carl) Pense, St. Helens, Ore.; granddaughters, Rylee Ashpole, Moline, Carla (Joseph) Pletsch, St. Helens, and Marah Pense, St. Taking the advice of upstairs neighbour Bharati Achrekar (who is heard, but never seen throughout) that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, Nimrat Kaur seeks to save her marriage to workaholic Nakul Vaid by preparing him a special lunch. However, the meal finds its way on to the desk of Irrfan Khan, a grumpy accountant who is soon to retire after 35 years of loyal service in a government claims department. Since his wife died, he has relied on Lokesh Raj at the Duke’s Restaurant to provide his lunches, but he notices something different about this offering the moment he takes it out of its thermal bag.

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