Lyle and Miles are Albany’s first

Lyle and Miles are Albany’s first Tewaaraton Award winners, and the second winners from the America East Conference, following Doug Shanahan (Hofstra, 2001).”The Tewaaraton Award is built on a mission to celebrate excellence in the game, recognize the game’s Native American heritage and to give back in a meaningful way to the Native American community,” said Jeffrey T. Harvey, chairman of the Tewaaraton Foundation. “We are also committed to a set of values that brings honor to the game today and to the heritage of the sport.

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Kickapoo High School has a new auditorium that also serves as a tornado shelter. But no pets allowed.(Photo: Steve Pokin/News Leader)And she would rather die in a tornado than leave the miniature poodle behind and head to the nearby tornado shelter at Kickapoo High School, which does not allow pets. (Service dogs are allowed in the shelter, but pets are not)..

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