Malia and Sasha Obama were guests

Malia and Sasha Obama were guests atThursday night’s glittery state dinner for Canada and nobody outside the White House knew until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spilled the beans in his toast.He said it was their first. Certainly it was the first time we’ve seen them looking like young women in formal wear,beautifully turned out like their glamorous mother and like Trudeau’s fashionablewife, Sophie Grgoire Trudeau.”It’s touching to meet Malia and Sasha, who are here at their first State Dinner,” Trudeau said in his toast speech, according to the White House transcript. “I admire you very much, both of you, for your extraordinary strength and your grace, through what is a remarkable childhood and young adulthood that will give you extraordinary strength and wisdom beyond your years for the rest of your life.

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