Catholic Parishoner Alumni Non-Catholic
Pre K 3 – 4 $3695 $2834 $1973 $4525
K- 6
1 Child $3553 $2727 $1902 $4288
2 Children $5355 $4079 $2803 $6457
3 Children $6650 $5050 $3450 $7757
4 Children $7705 $5841 $3978 $8807
Families having a student in Pre-K, as well as a sibling(s) in Grades K-6 will be given a $1000.00 reduction in tuition. For families with two Pre-K children, the second child’s rate is one-half the amount. These discounts DO NOT apply if you receive the parishioner or alumni discount.

EXTENDED DAY PROGRAM: (after-school care)

– Available 3:00-5:30 p.m.

1. Registration fee $20.00 per family

2. Cost to attend with paid registration fees

* Full-time: 1 child $ 85.00 per month

2 children $125.00 per month

3 children $165.00 per month

4 children $200.00 per month

* Drop-ins: $10.00 per day

Federal program for school lunches – information is sent home on the first day of school. Payments are payable to School Food Service.
Approximate Cost: $2.50 per day per child

STUDENT FEES: The student fee includes the following required fees as applicable to the student’s grade level. Student fees may be financed or paid in full by June 15th.

PK $280 K $290 Grade 1 $170 Grade 2 $185 Grade 3 $170 Grade 4 $170 Grade 5 $190 Grade 6 $210

Pre-K & K Supply Fee Technology Fee

Pre-K & K Snack Fee Zipper Bag

Pre-K & K Beach Day Fee Assignment Pad

Kindergarten Graduation Fee Academic Fee

Grade 2 First Sacrament Fee School Reach Program

Grade 5 Starbase Fee Student Insurance Fee

Grade 6 Awards Ceremony Fee Diocesan Assessment Fee

Spirit Shirt Auction Fee (class project) Consumable Books Notary Fee (Field Trips)


*Registration fees also apply, click here for REGISTRATION INFO


Tuition amount paid to the school on or before June 15, 2014.

St. Frances Cabrini School has adopted FACTS as our tuition management institution for the coming school year. Payment arrangements through FACTS are made at registration and are as follows:

a. There will be a $38.00 entry fee. The $38.00 will be drafted from your account as soon as it is set up with FACTS. A finance charge of $65.00 will be added to the tuition amount. Payments will be for 10 months beginning in July through April.

b. The first tuition payment will be drafted from your bank account on July 5 or July 20 and that monthly date thereafter.

c. If the automatic withdrawal is NSF, a $25.00 penalty fee will be added to your account by FACTS.

*click here for FACTS online payment page.