The idea of “maternity underwear” can be kind of depressing

Delta estimated that complying could cost up to $10 million in new equipment and $900,000 in programming during 18 to 24 months to implement.The rule will also require the large airlines to report how often they mishandle wheelchairs, which are sometimes damaged in cargo. Some advocates for the disabled say they are reluctant to fly, for fear of damaging expensive, motorized wheelchairs.The advocacy groups Paralyzed Veterans of America and Consumer Travel Alliance told the department their members ask for information and find it unavailable.But Airlines for America and the Regional Airline Association said there is no basis for concluding that disabled passengers are unwilling to fly because of wheelchair mishandling.David Berg, general counsel for Airlines for America, told the department in a Jan. 27 letter that the regulation was among several that warranted at least a 60 day delay, as Secretary Elaine Chao reviews pending regulations to determine whether they should be approved or disapproved.”These are important, complex matters that merit thorough consideration by the department Designer Fake Hermes,” Christopher Walker, Delta’s director of regulatory affairs Hermes Replica Bags, wrote the department on Feb.

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