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Speaking of comic book heroes, in 1956 the great opening batsman Bill Lawry was the first to turn up at a railway station to travel with his Victoria team mates. When the others turned up cheap jerseys, he was seen sitting on a bench reading a Phantom comic. Naturally, he was tagged with the name.

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Run a race at field day? We all win! It of countless examples of coddling our youth to create a culture of soft children who become adults thatdon know how to deal with rejection. Because while getting rid of winning is bad, getting rid of losing is worse. Everyone has failures sometime.

Teeth brushed, ears cleaned, excitable youngsters from all around the UK make the pilgrimage to Manchester; the capital of the North. Waving farewell to their grinning parents, the pale skinned newbies begin the Lord of the Rings esque journey that is a university degree.We remember how you feel. The nerves of excitement.

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