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Christian Louboutin Sale But he deserves it Red Bottoms Sneakers, many of you say? Why? Because he was loud, because he was shouting? Because he was black? Because he made you feel uncomfortable?The clear strategy of disruption by students obviously makes many feel angry. Why do have to break things? Why cant just follow the process and engage rationally? The thing is, none of the problems students are protesting against are new.Students have been financially excluded for years; black students have been facing racism by lecturers and fellow students for years; female students have been getting sexually harassed and assaulted on university campuses for years; free education has been put on the table by students FOR YEARS.It would be wrong to assume that students haven been trying to fight these battles by following and working through the university Unfortunately, and I say this as someone who has served on a university SRC, students have historically not been listened to, they have been undermined and patronised and pacified. They have never been treated as equals in committee meetings and during fee negotiations and it time university management acknowledges this error on their part and takes responsibility for the measures that students have had to go to just to be heard.Early last year the RhodesMustFall movement at UCT occupied the admin building for almost three weeks. Christian Louboutin Sale

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